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The Samsung 360 degree VR camera can be also used for 180-degree shots. The product is also able to capture details in low light. With Samsung Gear, the photos can be taken remotely and directly shared on various social platforms and the photo quality ranges up to 30 megapixels 4 ► Insta360 ONE 360 Camera, Sports and Action Video Camera, VR Camera, 24MP (7K) Photos, 4K Videos for iPhone All Series ●Amazon US : https 2 ► YI 360 VR Camera Dual-Lens 5.7K HI Resolution Panoramic Camera with Electronic Image Stabilization, 4K in-Camera Stitching ●Amazon..

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The YI 360 VR is compatible with both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets. The camera supports recording 4K video for up to 60 minutes per charge, and you've got integrated dual-band WiFi for livestreaming in 4K. Users are able to preview the footage in five modes: little planet.. Modular Action Cam & 360 Camera System. Core Module, 4K Mod, Dual-Lens 360 Mod. Battery Base, 3-Prong Mounting Frame. In addition to using monoscopic cameras, professional 360 video cameras usually have more than 10 camera lenses, offer spatial sound capture, and record at up to 8K.. Qoocam is a 4K resolution 360 and stereoscopic video camera. It supports all-around capturing, depth sensing technology and cinematic image stabilization. You can position this 4K 360 degrees camera at any angle and record 4K high resolution 360 VR video and photo

··· Awesome camera 360 degree camera action video camera 4k underwater 360 degree camera VR Contacter :Verawan Whats App:+8613923786051 Skype:ws-vera Main Features: *DSP: OT6166 Sensor:AR0330 *Photo Resolution:12M/8M/5M/3M *Video Resolution:1080P *Still Picture up to 12MP.. 360 Degree VR camera with two fixed focus lenses housed in a futuristic body. Each curved lens is designed to work in tandem to capture full 360 Degree 4K video and easily upload 360 The Kodak Pixpro Orbit360 4K VR Camera with the Adventure Accessory Pack is about to change your world The Gear 360 has evolved to let you record in 4K or broadcast live, and then make it your own When you're in the middle of recording, the last thing you want is a tired hand from holding the camera. Record, live stream, and share with a wide range of devices—from smartphones and Gear VR to PCs The perfect 360º camera for Oculus Rift / Google Cardboard. First ever to offer GLOBAL SHUTTER at 60FPS and 4K, 100% spherical capture. You're an angel who wants to help us realize our dream. We'll send you a Sphericam-branded Cardboard VR headset so that you can enjoy VR video on..

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More of its Yi 360 VR camera to 4K from the previously-announed 2.5K. The camera was initially announced at NAB in April of this year with an The Yi 360 VR camera can capture 5.7K video and photos (stitched with a desktop stitching software) and 4K internally stitched videos and photos The YI 360 VR is the first accessible 5.7K 360 camera that offers in-camera stitching at up to 4K/30fps resolution, and live streaming in 4K. Eliminate the lengthy post-processing to stitch your footage and use in-camera stitching to shoot vivid 360 footage and then effortlessly share it to social media The best 360 cameras are now easy to use and easy to buy. We list the best low-cost high-value Regular 4K single-camera capture would have been better still, and the app experience could use The app has basic but effective VR viewing options and there's a separate Theta+ app for editing your.. The Yi 360 VR Camera is a direct competitor to GoPro's much more expensive GoPro Fusion. We take a look at how it stacks up. Processing the data coming from the pair of sensors is an Ambarella H2V95, an image processing chip designed specifically for 4K footage

360Fly 4K VR Action Camera. Rugged, portable, versatile, and clever - that's what you can expect to get out of the 360Fly, plus a whole lot more. Sure, this device doesn't come from a big name in tech, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it isn't a worthwhile offering Modern 360 cameras are designed to make it easy to capture and share immersive video footage and 360 photos with ease. As such, this 360 camera works well with both the Samsung Gear VR (to view the photos) and the latest Samsung phones via the accompanying app The YI 360 VR allows you to use the camera while it's charging. So, just throw a USB battery in the bag along with a Type-C USB cable, and you While the YI 360 VR does support 4K live streaming, Facebook does not. This is more a con against Facebook, though, and not the fault of YI or the camera

Sonicam is a professional VR 360 camera that can capture high-quality 4K 360 videos. Like the Orah 4i, it has also been designed for live stream and you'll find it in the same price range ($4000). Sound recording is the strong point of the Sonicam. The camera has 64 high dynamic range microphones.. VR in 4K. The SP360 4K is designed to take your creative vision to the next level. 4K resolution adds ample detail, clarity and precision for Be a show off, and take your adventures, passions and 360° interactive videos to the next level. The SP360 4K VR Camera supports YouTube™ and Facebook™.. So when YI revealed its 360 VR camera with cutting edge specifications at a bargain basement price, the whole industry took note. Our tests of this camera are still pending, but by all accounts we can expect stellar image quality and ease of use. What's particularly exciting about the YI 360 VR is its 4K.. Modern 360 cameras are designed to make it easy to capture and share immersive video footage and 360 photos with ease. As such, this 360 camera works well with both the Samsung Gear VR (to view the photos) and the latest Samsung phones via the accompanying app Camera Design. The Yi 360 VR is one of the larger 360 cameras I've tested, but is by no means huge. The rectangular body features one lens at the front back back , with a This video, shot with the Yi 360 VR at 4K resolution, demonstrates what the camera can do when it has to stitch video together itself

360fly camera coming exclusively to Best Buy. With a prolific camera manufacturer like Nikon focusing their attention on 360 video, there's little doubt that The market is being prepped for VR action cams, and although Nikon hasn't said anything specifically about virtual reality in their promo material—and.. We have devided the 360˚ cameras in different price ranges for a complete overview. The resolution of these cameras is between 4K and 6K. The Insta360 Pro is built specifically for VR. The camera is able to do real-time stitching at 4K 360° VR Video Professionals has 10,734 members. 360 video community for professionals and Hi there! I'm proud to announce that my VR experience THE KEY IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR FREE Train Wreck I did a 4K 360° Livestream OUTSIDE with a 360 Camera on Oculus Go & Quest The camera is capable of livestreaming 4K 360 video to compatible streaming services like YouTube and Facebook Live. The feature allows you to locally stream a live preview to compatible VR headsets. The Insta360 can be connected to the internet via wi-fi or ethernet, but ethernet is always advised for..

Z CAM S1 Professional VR Camera. Professional 6K virtual reality content production for 360º recording and live streaming. Z CAM is a product line created by a team of innovative and creative people dedicated to develop high performance imaging products and solutions Buying guide for the best 360 camera for your needs. Plus: compare samples from 360 cameras side by side. 360 camera chart with systematic ranking. However, the Yi 360 VR has a realtime stitching mode at 4K 30fps. In realtime stitching mode, the video is not stabilized. However, the Yi 360 VR.. JK Imaging launched Kodak-branded SP360 action cams at CES this past year, and although it marketed them as the solution for creating great VR That wasn't practical. The company is now remedying that oversight with the introduction of a new Kodak 4K VR camera, the 4KVR360, that can.. TwoEyes VR 360 Camera. Shoot stunning 3D, 360° or Virtual Reality content. The Kandao QooCam is a $399 camera that twists to swap between 4K 360 and 3D 180. Using depth mapping, that 180 view can also shoot first and focus later while both modes can capture stabilized video stitched in real time

Professional 360 VR Camera. Farsight Live Monitoring. FlowState™ Stabilization. VR live streaming has never been easier. Stream at 4K 30fps with Insta360 Pro 2's in-camera stitching directly to Facebook, YouTube and other supported VR live streaming platforms YI Technology just announced YI 360 VR, their first 360° camera featuring 5.7K resolution with 2x 12MP Sony sensor and 360° live streaming! Careful you don't mix up the cameras: There is YI 360 VR by YI Technology (manufacturer of YI Action Camera, YI 4K, M1,) and there is Xiaomi 360 Mijia Immersive 360 experiences - Play back spherical footage in VR to bring everyone into the moment with you. Requires two high-performance microSD For the best performance, be sure your Fusion camera has the latest software and always use the latest versions of the GoPro mobile app and GoPro Fusion.. The Detu F4 Plus is a 360° camera capable of shooting 8K video and photos, and also offers live streaming capabilities. With a maximum resolution of 8K (7680 x 3840) and shooting video at 30fps, the Detu F4 Plus is aimed at professional photographers and 360/VR content creators who want to.. Vuze 4K 3D 360 VR Camera - Capture 360 VR Videos in 4K 3D (Black)

When it comes to shooting 360 video for VR you have a lot more screen pixels to cover, so the upgrade to 4K is a welcome step up from the previous Kodak Multiple SP360 cameras work together, too. One camera gives you roughly a 235-degree field of view. To capture full 360 spherical video for VR.. NanoS 360 Degree Panoramic Camera Photos Videos for iPhone. Insta360 Nano S -- 360 VR Camera, 4K HD 360 Degree Video Discover ideas about Vr Camera. Nano S Turns Your iPhone Into A Mobile 360 ° Camera..

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Import quality 360 Camera 4K supplied by experienced manufacturers at Global Sources. 360°/4K Panoramic Camera, VR Camera, Supports Live Streaming The Gear 360 lets you easily capture 360° spherical VR videos and photos that you can afterwards view with optional VR goggles or on 360 platforms such as The camera features dual lenses that shoot everything around you at the same time, and it automatically stitches the captured images to provide..

Obsidian 360 camera offers a seamless one click solution to stiching video it captures. The Obsidian actually comes in two variants: the Obsidian R captures 360-degree photos His video uses immersive 360 VR 3D technology and it is best viewed on a VR headset and mobile device with headphone Portable, pocket-sized, and feature-rich -- the Samsung 360 SM-R210 dual lens 360-degree camera boasts an ergonomic easy-to-grip body, ultra-high definition for clear recording and a powerful 11x optical Compatible with the Samsung Galaxy and iPhone range, it has full 360˚ view video (4K) The Kodak SP360-4K is one of the first 360 action cameras capable of recording 4K video and can create video for VR (Virtual Reality) viewing, with support from YouTube and Facebook. The camera has a good range of shooting modes and is normally packaged with a wide range of accessories.. The 8K-resolution Insta360 Pro camera is designed for shooting 360 films that can be displayed with virtual reality headsets. When recording 4K video, the camera supports up to 100 frames per second. In addition, the VR time-lapse mode adds a new dimension to videos, and the live preview function..

VR Video 360 Roller Coaster VR 360 captured on my Samsung Gear 360 video camera in 4K VR 360 degree for Google Cardboard VR Box 360, Samsung Gear VR 360, Oculus Rift VR, HTC Vive VR, Pimax 4K VR headset, PS4 VR Playstation VR PSVR. Virtual Reality Vi. The YI 360VR Camera makes shooting 360 videos easy, its 5.7K resolution delivers spectacularly high quality unstitched video and offers in-camera stitching in up to 4K/30fps resolution. Capture life in all its glory and then relive it with an incredibly immersive 360° viewing experience

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VEYE by i-mmersive records & streams 4K 360° video instantly, with no stitching o | Check out 'VEYE 360: Instant Live Streaming 4K VR Camera' on Indiegogo Since the release of the compact YI 360 VR camera back in November last year, it seems to have been receiving positive feedback overall. YI Technology claims that the camera is the first to shoot 360 degree video in 5.7K at 30fps, with instant in-device stitching for 4K footage and live-streaming The five best 4K 360 cameras around and why VR video may have just got its 'killer app'. The launch of GoPro's new Fusion 360-degree camera and its over-capture feature could give VR video the boost it needs to go mainstream. We take a closer look at the tech and the best 4K models on the market

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Whatever yi 360 camera vr styles you want, can be easily bought here. 38% OFF Insta360 Pro 8K 3D 360 VR Video Panoramic Camera 4K 100fps Slow Motion Anti-shake with Carrying Case 236 694 руб. 380 211 руб Features: 360-degree 4K camera; Easy to hold or mount; IP53 water-resistant rating; Compatible with Samsung VR experience; MicroSD up to 256GB. Max Photo Resolution: 15 MP. Max Video Resolution: 4K at 24 fps With your 360fly camera, the free Livit mobile app and a smartphone, you have the power to live stream interactive 360° video to family and friends around With the 360fly 4K's First-Person mode activated, just orient or mount your camera with its lens facing forward and OnePush button centered/facing up..

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See our disclaimer. The KODAK PIXPRO ORBIT360 4K VR Camera Satellite pack is designed to have you capturing and sharing your 360° photos and videos with ease. We've thought of everything by including loads of easy to use accessories that work in tandem with your new ORBIT360 4K VR.. The Samsung Gear 360 VR camera is now available and it's amazing. Now it is possible to capture all 360 degrees, of your priceless moments. One notably absent feature, of the app, is the ability to sticth together 4K video. For this you will need to download Gear360 Actiondirector

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In addition to the Samsung Gear VR head-mounted display, or HMD, which uses the Oculus mobile platform to run a Samsung Galaxy smartphone as a portable VR device, Samsung already offers the consumer oriented and lightweight Gear 360 4K handheld camera at $229 Sony action cameras are built for sports and underwater use. Find sports cameras and action cam accessories, and learn more about additional 4K Ultra HD for four times the detail of Full HD. Reduced shake with Balanced Optical SteadyShot. Full camera control includes power ON/OFF with.. This 2 VR cameras are amazing to do live stream video. Check it out! 1. Z-cam S1, $2,499 Key words: High-Value, 6K, 3-hour Battery Life, live-streaming. Equipped with 6 lenses, Insta360 Pro can capture 4K footages at 100 fps and 8K at 30 fps. It can do live streaming in 4K, capable for capturing 8K 3D.. Vous vous en doutez, la Gear VR est la caméra 360° de Samsung créée pour une utilisation avec le Samsung Gear VR, casque qui est lui-même créé pour Cette nouvelle mouture de la caméra 360 de Samsung arbore un design complètement repensé. Elle est désormais capable de filmer en 4K et de.. Reality Lab Networks announced that its Live Planet 4K VR and 360 video content camera is now available for preorder. The Live Planet video system in intended to be an end-to-end solution for VR and 360 video streaming, and it includes a camera with 16 Full HD lenses and a proprietary cloud-based..

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Samsung Gear 360 VR Camera allows you to capture 360° videos and remember your speed flying moments from all angles with Samsung Gear 360. The new Samsung Gear 360 2017 is Samsungs newest 360 degree VR camera which can record in 4K and stream directly to VNclip and Facebook Камерата YI 360 VR Camera ви позволява да заснемате ярки и поглъщащи Отлично сглабяне на сцените In-Camera Сглабяне YI 360 предлага невероятно сглабяне на кадрите при формати до 4K/30fps, за да не се налага да избирате между яснотата на сцените и лекотата на работа

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The 'MySight360' 4K VR camera is capable of being mounted onto a wide array of different objects including bicycles, pets and even helmets. The high-quality footage created by the 'MySight360' will enable those who aren't there to feel like they have been Capture 360-degree photos and video Record in stunning 4K resolution Pair with your smartphone to live broadcast in stunning clarity* Change the view, edit and share with the Gear 360 Set Delivery Postcode. Added to Cart. Samsung Gear 360 4K VR Camera (SM-R210). Checkout. Extended Care The Yi 360 VR from Yi Technology - announced back in April - is now available for sale through online merchants. As evident from the name, the camera captures 360 degree The recorded video has a maximum of 4K/30fps resolution, but it goes up to 5.7K/30fps when stitched off-camera on the PC..

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GOLE360 VR and 360 Camera is really good 360-degree panorama camera. It has a lot of settings, and several modes of display. Quality photos and video on a good level, taking into account parameters of GOLE360. Unfortunately application, or rather translation of the application needs to be improved ..Pixpro Orbit360 VR Camera is a 3 in 1 camera that can shoot 4K video like GoPro action camera, 4K 360-degree video, and 4K 180-degree video. Final thoughts. The Kodak Pixpro Orbit360 4K VR Camera was my first experience using a 360-degree camera. I wanted to love this camera and.. Meet the YI 360 VR Camera: a 5.7k panoramic camera with 4K in-camera stitching that lets you capture the world around you and stream 360-degree videos. It has 2 x 220-degree lenses. Its app is compatible with iOS and Android devices The Orah 4i camera has four fisheye lenses, two angled down and two angled up. They're capable of capturing 4,096 x 2,048 (4K) video, which is fed When you can get it. Compared to other 4K or live streaming VR cameras, the Orah 4i is a steal for the quality. A 4K DSLR can run you $6,000, while..

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  1. Capture 360 degree photos and video Record in stunning 4K resolution Pair with your smartphone to live broadcast in stunning clarity* Change the view, edit Your moments happen in 360 degrees, so make sure you capture them in all their glory with the Samsung Gear 360 4K VR Camera (SM-R210)
  2. LG 360 VR The LG 360 VR is a VR goggle that can be connected with the G5 via a dedicated cable and works exclusively with the G5 to simulate a 130-inch TV viewed The Snapdragon 820 processor also supports 4K capture and playback at four times more than the resolution of 1080p, enabling users to..
  3. Through VR360cam app, you will be able to enjoy 360 degree video recording and 360 degree photo shooting remotely. After connecting T MY 360 camera and smartphone, you can live view the camera video stream, start 360 degree video recording, take a 360 degree picture
  4. Recensione Yi 360 VR. Dopo l'esplosione del fenomeno dei video a 360° c'è stato un momento di stallo in cui le aziende sembrava non volessero più investire È indubbiamente comodo poter gestire quasi tutte le opzioni direttamente dal menù della camera, ma i pochi tap necessari a cambiare qualsiasi..
  5. Meet the Sphericam 2: an innovative 360-degree camera that can capture the world around you at 60 FPS in 4K resolution. It lets you view your videos on an Oculus Rift or other virtual reality headset. It has 6 image sensors, 6 lenses, 4 microphones, and 8 tripod mounts to give you a lot of flexibility when..
  6. Not everyone can shell out thousands of dollars for 360 cameras. High prices act as barriers for consumer mainstream virtual reality content creation, which is needed to 2018 will be an amazing year for new vr cameras to emerge as affordable options to shoot 360 photos and virtual reality videos

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  1. Kandao Qoocam 全球首款360 VR +3D 相機 登場! Videos Hide Videos Show Videos. BEST 3D/360 Camera?! Insta360 EVO vs. Vuze XR vs. Qoocam. There are now THREE consumer 360 cameras that also double as 3..
  2. 11 filmmakers give us the 360° camera low down. As the founder of eevo, an interactive VR / 360º video company, I speak every day with filmmakers exploring the world of VR. They are hungry to learn more about creating interactive 360º video and spatial audio experiences. Whether for the sake of..
  3. The Insta360 One X is the camera that does everything well. The specs on the One X read like a 360 camera wishlist: 5.7K resolution (the highest you can get in this price range), removable battery You don't need a VR headset to enjoy 360 content, though having one adds a layer of realism
  4. Insta's ONE 360 camera is a standout option in this guide because of its impressive resolution, image effects, and durability. The ONE 360 is shaped like Each lens can take 24 megapixel images, and 4K 30fps video. To reduce blur the camera was designed with Insta360's FlowState Stabilization, which..

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4K Photography. VR. Floorplans. 360 cameras are perfect for capturing smaller spaces and for customers just getting started with 3D. Simply capture with a supported 360 camera, and Matterport will do the rest, transforming the 2D imagery into 3D automatically Mocha is the world's most recognized and powerful planar tracking tool for VFX and post-production. Mocha Pro features GPU-accelerated tracking and object removal, advanced masking with edge-snapping, stabilization, lens calibration, 3D camera solver, stereo 360/VR support, and more

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  1. Here are the best VR cameras and 360 cameras at affordable prices that give you the most bang for your buck. Find more 360fly 360° 4K Video Camera information and reviews here
  2. Rugged 12K-resolution camera for 360º HD mapping, GIS, and infrastructure inspection. The only serious camera on the market for advanced 360º photography at scale. Mosaic51 is a Robust 360 Camera for Mapping, Surveying, and Infrastructure Inspection. Designed and Built in Europe
  3. Many 360-degree/VR video spies have many cameras shaped quite like eyes, only with two fisheye lenses instead of the more usual arrangement for eyes. Well, now there's a new fisheye-packin' camera for 360-degree videos. It's got a 4K resolution, albeit only at 24fps, and it looks like an eyeball..
  4. News, reviews and discussion on 360 degree cameras. Feel free to post anything related to that topic including videos, reviews and Virtual reality. Kandao QooCam 4K 360° & 180VR Camera IS OUT!!! (youtu.be)
  5. Vuze VR Camera Mini Tripod - Vuze特製三脚 ¥3,200. To achieve true 4K spherical video, you'd have to shoot in 16K, so the world of 360 video still has a long way to go to bring the quality of picture we're used to seeing on a 4K flat screen
  6. You can also watch 180° and 360° videos on YouTube app or on the YouTube VR app available on most VR headsets. Stitch the file using either stitching software that comes with the camera or separate 180° or 360° stitching software. Use editing software to ensure the sequence settings are in..
  7. 360-degree videos, also known as immersive videos or spherical videos, are video recordings where a view in every direction is recorded at the same time, shot using an omnidirectional camera or a collection of cameras

You're looking for a camera to shoot in VR. With VR becoming more and more popular it's increasingly important for all kinds of camera manufacturers to provide sophisticated optical devices. Kodak SP360 4K Dual QooCam is the world's first 4K camera. that combines the most innovative features of both 360° & 3D stereo filming technology. Thanks to its unique 3 lenses, IMU stabilizer, and cutting-edge depthmap tech, QooCam features shake free, after-shooting refocus, 120 FPS, and time-lapse capabilities YI 360 VR Camera Ambarella H2V95 Dual SONY IMX377 220 Degree Dual Lens 5.7K/30fps Video 4K/30fps Auto Stitching 2.5K Live Streaming - White VR cameras make the process easier than ever, including in-camera stitching. Despite their technological achievements, VR cameras are also impressively compact, meaning The 360Penguin lets you capture and share up to 4K, 6K, 360-degree video as well as 24-megapixel 360° photos SKYBOX is the ultimate VR player with powerful features and elegant interfaces. It supports any every video formats, of any video type (2D, 3D, 180°, 360°) and in any order (SBS and TB). SKYBOX supports HD, full HD, and 4K playback. The maximum resolution supported is 4096×4096

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